A Key ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Shows Up In Belfast Where Season 8 Is Filming

A Key ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Shows Up In Belfast Where Season 8 Is Filming
03 May

Game Of Thrones

A certain ‘Game of Thrones’ actor, who happens to play a key character we weren’t sure we would see again, has uploaded a photo to their Instagram account showing them outside a hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the nerve center of filming on season 8.

Now, this could be an old picture or he could just be chilling in Belfast. But…maybe not!

Warning: Post contains minor ‘GoT’ spoilers!

Wilf Scolding, Rhaegar Targaryen from Season 7, uploaded a now deleted photo of himself outside the Europa Hotel in Belfast:

Could Rhaegar be coming back? Scolding deleting the post definitely makes things interesting. Rhaegar is one of the most important characters in this story. We’ve been hearing about him since Season 1 but only got our first look at him in the Season 7 finale, when Bran Stark went back in time to watch his secret wedding to Lyanna Stark.

We also now know that Rhaegar is the father of Jon Snow, which means Jon is the heir to the Iron Throne. This information could cause all manner of unholy mess when it inevitably gets out come Season 8. Considering how important Rhaegar is to the overall narrative, Bran has plenty of reason to take at least one more trip back in time to see what his deal is. Was. This is confusing.

Belfast is home to Titanic Studios, which houses a vast array of indoor sets that can be fitted to stand in for anywhere in Westeros, so Rhaegar could be anywhere!

Stay tuned for more GoT news as it becomes available!



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