Accenture launches defence innovation hub in Canberra

Accenture launches defence innovation hub in Canberra
02 Aug

Accenture has opened an ‘innovation hub’ in Canberra, to serve as a co-design space for the Department of Defence and security organisations.

The new office space has capacity for 100 employees, and is set-up to give demonstrations of blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and advanced analytics, the professional services firm said.

“Defence organisations need to increase their resilience to emerging threats and require secure, innovative and flexible delivery capabilities, often on tight turnaround,” said Accenture’s defence and national security lead for Australia and New Zealand, Matt Gollings.

“Through on-site demonstrations of how innovative and often disruptive digital technologies can enhance mission readiness, deliver better operational outcomes and ultimately help deliver mission success, our innovation hub addresses this need while maximising innovation and delivering the defence agency of the future,” he added.

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