Alyssa Wong, an award-winning speculative fiction writer, announced she is the newest writer to join Blizzard and work on Overwatch.​

​​She revealed the news through Twitter, accompanied by a photo of herself posing in front of the ​Overwatch logo at Blizzard’s headquarters. “I’m so excited to join the team and learn form all of the passionate, creative folks at Blizzard,” she wrote. Wong received multiple awards for her science fiction and short fiction work. 

As a writer, Wong’s duties would most likely fall on creating dialogue for the game and helping grow the Overwatch universe — anywhere from animated shorts to Overwatch comics. 

Wong’s addition to the team comes after Blizzard released ​Wrecking Ball, an intellectual hamster that communicates through translations from his mech. As interesting as his story was, his origin story had no direct impact on the conflict in Overwatch. 

The addition of a new writer to the Blizzard team leaves the possibility of new lore that might help the story ​finally advance.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard