Book Corner: Superhero books to the rescue

Book Corner: Superhero books to the rescue
15 May

In the May 1 Book Corner column, my colleague Christie Hoerneman gave a great description of Central Rappahannock Regional Library’s CRRL-Con: a fan convention for lovers of comic books, superheroes, science fiction and fantasy worlds and more.

CRRL–Con is coming up Saturday, and for children and families, it is a great, inexpensive way to spend the afternoon. If they feel like it, kids can dress up in their favorite superhero or other fandom costume; you might even want to wear a costume yourself! Costume or not, visit CRRL’s Howell Branch to admire those who are dressed as their favorite character, watch the parade of the costume contest, ham it up in the video booth and chat with the artists.

Kids will love identifying their favorite characters, walking up to them and saying hello.

Superhero fans come in all ages, and fortunately there are superhero books for all ages, too. If you have a preschooler who already loves superheroes, or if you are an adult with a passion for superheroes you want to share with your child, a picture book is just what you need.

“Good Morning, Superman” by Michael Dahl and Omar Lozano, shows a young boy going through his morning routine just like Superman goes through his day, with the boy imitating his hero in side-by-side panels. The boy rises for the day and gets dressed so he looks “strong as steel” in his Superman T-shirt, eats breakfast so he “gathers more energy,” then heads off on his mission. He has to face his greatest fear: brushing his teeth (his toothbrush and toothpaste tube are green like Kryptonite), but “calls upon his courage” to do what he must and gets his teeth brushed. In a “single bound” he leaps into his father’s arms and is on his way for the day.

Young superhero fans who start the day with Superman can end the day with baby Groot in “Night Night, Groot,” by Brendan Deneen and Cale Atkinson. Groot has had a very busy day, working with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers to save the world. But now it’s time to rest and he need not worry, his “friends will keep bad dreams at bay.” With the book centered on baby Groot and his adventures, this story is a superhero version of what children may experience, having a fun-filled day but not wanting to go to bed when all of the adults in their life get to stay up later. In baby Groot’s case, he is reassured that those grown-ups will watch over him and keep him safe while he sleeps.

Children learning to read on their own can revel in “Batman Will Save the Day!,” part of a beginning-reader series designed to guide children who are developing independent reading skills. With just 100 words, many of them sight words or rhyming words that emerging readers will quickly recognize, “Batman will Save the Day!” allows children to build confidence in their reading skills while enjoying a story about a beloved character. Readers follow Batman as he chases down the Penguin, who is up to no good, and has the reader wondering: Will Batman catch the Penguin or will he get away?

Whether the children in your life love superheroes or not, find some books that they enjoy so they get the benefits of reading: greater brain development, increased vocabulary and empathy, and higher achievement in school. If you want them to enjoy reading (or being read to), it’s important that the books are ones they will enjoy. If you are stumped on what to read to your child, ask your local librarian for help—we love talking about and recommending books!



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