Burnham’s Cover is Blown In Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #3 – Review & Preview

Burnham’s Cover is Blown In Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #3 – Review & Preview
06 Jul

Review: Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Written by: Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson
Art by: Angel Hernandez with colors by Mark Roberts

As previously explained in a tweet by producer Ted Sullivan, everything in the Disco expanded universe is semi-canon, including the comics. While “Succession” might be the series we never thought we needed, I’m starting to think that it may be laying the groundwork for something bigger down the road – perhaps in season two or beyond. After all, Georgiou is still alive in our universe. What if she gets tired of constantly squinting due to the bright light and wants to return to reclaim her throne – especially if she finds out her petulant younger cousin inherited it? I can definitely see Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson planting the quadrotriticale, err, seeds.

Well, the secret is out. Mirror Michael Burnham is alive and set to stop Alexander from claiming her birthright. In a classic case of the “enemy of my enemy is my friend”, she’s aligned herself with the leader of the Klingon resistance, L’Rell. In exchange for her help to kill Alexander, she agrees to help attempt to overthrow the Terran Governor of Qo’Nos. After a failed attempt on his life, Burnham’s cover is finally blown, thus enraging Alexander.

After a brief appearance by a certain Constitution-Class starship (no, not that one) that is carrying the lethal gene-weapon, Captain Airiam swoops in and destroys them, saving the weapon along with Burnham and L’Rell. Here is where things get interesting and further proof that Beyer and Johnson could be planning something: Airiam and L’Rell not only know each other, but have a long history together. That makes me wonder – do they know each other in the Prime universe? It’s certainly possible.

Once again, Angel Hernandez’s artwork is a delight. Every actor likeness is there and every action is drawn with blunt force – you can almost feel the tension jump out of each page. One of the challenges, however, is that since every other character has an actor associated with them, it’s hard for me to imagine Alexander as a real person. It’s not a criticism so much as an observation but I do wonder if he had anyone in mind when drawing him.

Much like Mirror Spock, Mirror Burnham is calm and calculated – not a ruthless, barbaric dictator with no moral compass. But what kind of relationship do Burnham and Spock have in this universe? We know that Burnham was raised by Georgiou and not by Amanda and Sarek, so is their behavior just a coincidence? Since she wasn’t raised Vulcan, why doesn’t she appear to act much different than her Prime universe doppelganger?

Overall, this has been an enjoyable series so far. Alexander is such a hateable character and I can’t wait to see his demise. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. Will whoever succeeds him be the emperor during “Mirror Mirror?” I can’t wait to find out.

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Issue #3 Available now 

Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #3 was released Wednesday, July 4th. It retails for $3.99. You can order it at TFAW with a discount, including 2 different variant covers.

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