Can someone please tell us why Justin Bieber doesn’t follow Hailey Baldwin on Instagram yet?

Can someone please tell us why Justin Bieber doesn’t follow Hailey Baldwin on Instagram yet?
11 Jul

While the entire world is gushing about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s fairytale romance, we are curious to know why he doesn’t follow her on Instagram yet? Yes, isn’t it a bit odd to date a girl and now his fiancee, yet restrict yourself from following her on a social media page? Especially when couples like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas whose social media love gets all the attention from the entire world, it is expected that Justin should follow Hailey on Instagram and the couple can then indulge in some social media PDA. Honestly, it was shocking to realise that out of 91 personalities that he follows on Insta, there’s no Hailey Baldwin in the list. Also Read: Hailey Baldwin makes Justin Bieber shave his moustache! – view pics

The fact that Bieber doesn’t follow his fiancee was noticed when he didn’t tag her in his mushy post on Instagram. The long lovey-dovey post that Bieber wrote for his ladylove had her name, but she wasn’t tagged either in his post or the picture that he posted. While Hailey follows her man on the social media site, Justin is yet to reciprocate her action and we are curious to know the reason behind his delay. We understand the singer barely follows anyone and the number is restricted to only 91 but following your fiancee is only expected, right? Also Read: Hailey Baldwin opens up about her engagement with Justin Bieber, says she is utterly grateful to God

If Justin is so head over heels in love with Baldwin that he popped her the question with Rs 1.71 crore worth diamond ring in his hand, we wonder what’s the big deal to follow her on Instagram. Even their families have agreed to their relationship and have given them nod personally. While the singer consulted his father before taking such a big step, he also asked her father before asking her out personally. As per TMZ report, Bieber asked Stephen Baldwin, her dad, for his daughter’s hand in marriage several weeks ago, during a face-to-face meeting. The two have only been dating casually for several weeks, so make what you will of that timeline. Stephen Baldwin happily gave his blessing, in part because he believed Bieber shared the same Christian values as he and his daughter.



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