Debate Club: 5 funniest sci-fi spoofs of all time

Debate Club: 5 funniest sci-fi spoofs of all time
06 Jun

Welcome to Debate Club, where Tim Grierson and Will Leitch, the hosts of the Grierson & Leitch podcast, tackle the greatest arguments in pop culture.

In this week’s installment, in honor of comedy month here at SYFY WIRE, we’re giving shout-outs to the best sci-fi spoofs.

The best science fiction movies are full of awe or terror at the majesty, mystery, and vastness of the cosmos. Which, you know, can make them seem awfully serious. A well-done spoof punctures that sanctimony, bringing some much-needed irreverence to the genre.

Also, let’s be honest: sci-fi movies are often unintentionally funny, what with their silly high-tech gadgets, super-futuristic clothes, and ponderous metaphors about The Way We Live Today. So let’s lighten up and enjoy this list of our five favorite sci-fi satires.



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