Elkhorn Crossing School used as set for science fiction short film

Elkhorn Crossing School used as set for science fiction short film
10 Jul

Elkhorn Crossing School journeyed to space as filming for the short film, “SpaceLink” took place over the weekend. The science fiction short film features a man’s journey through space, along with his complications.

About 30 people came out to participate, some of them ECS students.

“I think it’s appropriate for us to be opening our doors, because we would want the same type of thing where if we come and ask, ‘Hey, can we film at your location?’ we would want them to say yes, too.” said Jason Hardin, media arts teacher at ECS.

“Having this location available is amazing,” Producer Abby Dehaan said. “Elkhorn has been really great at letting us do whatever.”

ECS students helped by clearing out space for props to be set up in the studio. Some were able to be extras. A Georgetown actor was even cast in “SpaceLink.”

Brandon White, Georgetown, enjoys being able to act and network with others on set.

“You just keep on running into each other [in the local acting community], bounce ideas off of each other, find out about more opportunities for acting from those people. It’s honestly like a big family,” White said.

Director Brandon Austin, of Lexington was grateful to be able to use ECS’ campus as a location in the film.

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“The main challenge that we had actually was finding a location. We needed a place where we could fake a command center or control room,” Austin said. “The basic version of that would have been a computer lab. Everywhere that we went that had a computer lab, they either said ‘no,’ or gave us so many rules and restrictions that we just couldn’t do it.”

In regards to inspiration for the film, Austin said that there were many.

“There’s a lot of films over the years and TV shows that piqued my interest in science. [For example] trying to come up with things that we haven’t yet discovered and figuring out how to put it on film, ” Austin said. “I think what’s the most fun about science fiction is that it isn’t real, and we have to try to make it look real.”



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