For CC Amateur Radio Club, science fiction meets science fact

For CC Amateur Radio Club, science fiction meets science fact
05 Jun

You’ve seen them in many Sci-Fi movies, especially the bad ones.

The professor’s lab is filled with equipment that displays patterns and graphs, and it all looks quite complex. Actually, those instruments with the usually green screens are called oscilloscopes. They are real and are valuable in graphically displaying values like voltage. Think of it as a meter with a screen.

The proper use of the oscilloscope is one of the topics at the next meeting of the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club.  That device has many uses around the ham shack, and you’ll learn how to use them.  Also, new officers will be installed, and a drawing for prizes and field-day preparation are planned.

Club members will meet on Saturday at the Mabank Cafe on state Hwy. 198 in Mabank.

The club has over 40 members from the tri-county area. It maintains a VHF and UHF repeater system that provide hand-held radio coverage to hams in the lake area and mobile and base coverage throughout the three counties. Members participate in the National Weather Service SKYWARN program and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.




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