How science fiction can prepare us for the future

How science fiction can prepare us for the future
04 Jul

How can sci-fi prepare businesses and governments for the future? Berit Anderson, CEO of, along with the company’s advisors, Brenda Cooper and Ramez Naam, tell Bill Radke stories that help us understand how the world is changing and how to keep up.

Also, Senator Maria Cantwell says she wants adequate time to fully question any nominee for the Supreme Court. She’ll be among the senators questioning Justice Anthony Kennedy’s replacement.

And Canada has announced tariffs on U.S. products like steel, aluminum, maple syrup, and strawberry jam. What does that mean for your kitchen? CBC’s Catherine Cullen explains.

Plus, we review the biggest stories of the weekend, including the rally at SeaTac Federal Detention Center and the news that the Sasquatch music festival is ending. We’re joined by Leah Baltus, editor in chief of City Arts Magazine and Susie Lee, artist and entrepreneur.



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