If you like Westworld, you’ll love these 25 shows on Netflix

If you like Westworld, you’ll love these 25 shows on Netflix
14 May

If you’re a fan of Westworld and are looking for similar shows like it, here are 25 shows on Netflix you should consider adding to your list.

Westworld remains one of the top-ranked critically acclaimed science-fiction shows on TV right now. Currently airing its second season episodes, the hosts have started to rise up against their oppressors, and the revolution has begun. Blending an amazing mix of science fiction, action, fantasy and even the western genre, Westworld continues to sit on top of the world of serialized television.

The problem is that Westworld is only 10 episodes in length per season, and while that is just over two months of great television when watched on a weekly basis, which leaves 42 weeks of the year without the show to watch.

The good thing is that there are many TV shows on Netflix that fans can watch while waiting for the new episodes of the HBO series. Plus, the best thing about Netflix is that fans can binge watch shows or take their time and watch them at their own pace.

When it comes to fans of Westworld, there are some people who love the science-fiction storyline, others who enjoy the fantastical elements and others who just love great storytelling. All three of those things are available when it comes to shows streaming on Netflix — both with TV shows picked up from other networks and even more now when it comes to Netflix originals.

Anyone who loves Westworld will find a lot on Netflix to enjoy. From high-quality science fiction, horror and fantasy TV shows to some of the best-written originals on the streaming service — here is a look at shows 25 shows that fans of Westworld can watch when needing to get their fix.



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