Jokes fly faster than warp factor 9 in ‘Star Trek Abduction’

Jokes fly faster than warp factor 9 in ‘Star Trek Abduction’
01 Jun

As the overture takes flight in Opera Orlando’s production of “Star Trek Abduction,” I’m alarmed to see that the musicians are in their “concert reds” — as in red “Star Trek” uniforms. For the love of the Prime Directive, do they not know what happens to “red shirts”?

Luckily, conductor Robin Jensen — dressed in a commander’s gold, of course — keeps everyone safe until show’s end. Well, except for one horn player who falls afoul of an angry Klingon. But I suppose that’s a hazard of the job when you sign on for Joshua Shaw’s utterly delightful adaptation of Mozart’s “The Abduction from the Seraglio.”

Shaw, who directed the local production, debuted the parody several years back. It follows the basics of Mozart’s plot — women are captured by a foreign race, and their menfolk must save them. But Shaw brilliantly sends up both opera and sci-fi by transplanting the story into the “Star Trek” universe. The heroes bear a more-than-passing resemblance to William Shatner’s Capt. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy’s highly logical Spock. One of the captured women is a sexy, green-skinned alien. And the foreign race: Klingons.

For “Star Trek” aficionados, this is must-see TV. Or opera, as the case may be. The puns, insider references and jokes come fast and furious. Nearly all land with genuine laughs. That’s partly due to the excellent casting.



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