Letter: Our pseudo monarch defies Spockian logic

Letter: Our pseudo monarch defies Spockian logic
09 Jun
To the editor:

Presidential assertions that President Trump alone can break America’s laws while simultaneously insisting how purely innocent he is … these side by side positions would befuddle “Star Trek’s” logic master, Mr. Spock.

Another learned gent, William Shakespeare, would say he doth tweet too much. Which is it: guilty but immune, or innocent, sir?

Mr. Trump’s supporters may tend toward scripted “reality” TV, not “Hamlet” or science fiction. (Oh, the fiction is fine, hold the science.) Mr. Spock would not ask Captain Kirk to steer the whole enterprise back to the era of Henry VIII when the divine right of kings went unquestioned. Nor should the current occupant. This pseudo monarch obviously pitching us to have it both ways. Illogical!

See ya in court, Milord.

Bruce H Alexander,


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