LocalLit author spotlight: Colleen Robbins of Joliet

LocalLit author spotlight: Colleen Robbins of Joliet
06 Jul

Baran-Unland: Tell us a bit about your writing background.

Robbins: I’ve been writing since 9 years old, and my first publication at 12. I’ve written and published a little bit of everything: poetry, articles, essays, and short stories.

Baran-Unland: What types of stories do you like to write?

Robbins: I like to write fantasy, science fiction, horror, and stories based in reality. I sometimes take a concept, research it, and run with it, while other times I like to add a twist.

Baran-Unland Give a one-line summary about your featured short story.

Robbins: The truth behind a legend is not always what you expect.

Baran-Unland: Have you published any books and/or are you working on one now?

Robbins: I’ve been working on a series of high fantasy books set in a medieval-style world that is actually a far-future earth. They involve elves, dragons, and the problems that teenagers of today sometimes face.

The first one, “Daraga’s Quest,” should be out by late summer. It involves Timbrel, a biracial human/elf as she searches for her place in the world; Nayev, a wizard who shape-shifts into a dragon; a kidnapped princess; and a war that may destroy the entire world if it is not stopped in the city of Rockhold.

I’ve also had stories placed in numerous anthologies, including “Bombshells: War Stories and Poems by Women on the Homefront” (ed. Missy Martin and Jesse Loren), “Krampusnacht” (ed. Kate Wolford), “Eldritch Embrace: Putting the Love Back in Lovecraft” (ed.Michael Cieslak), and “Write Where We Are: 2017” (ed. WriteOn Joliet, our local writer’s group).

An article on baby dragons was reprinted in Best of the Dragon, Volume 3, and also appears on the CD set for Dragon Magazine under the name Colleen Bishop.

Baran-Unland: Where can people find more information about you? Robbins: Unfortunately I don’t have website yet – I have to set one up soon – but I occasionally read questions and comments on the WriteOn Joliet Facebook page.



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