Lois Lane Passes Away, RIP Margot Kidder

Lois Lane Passes Away, RIP Margot Kidder
15 May

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Another iconic hero from yesteryear has passed.  Margot Kidder portrayed the most famous supporting character in comics, Lois Lane in the four ‘Superman’ movies opposite Christopher Reeve from 1978 until 1987.  Lois is, of course, the one mortal female that could win the heart of Krypton’s last son.

Kidder’s Lois was far from flawless.  She SMOKED after all!  But still, it was her aggressive personality that ultimately won the affection of Reeve’s Superman.  In keeping with the comics, Kidder’s Lois had zero interest in Clark Kent, Superman’s bumbling alter ego.  But she did take on a big sister role with him, all the while pining for the Man of Steel.

Kidder discussed their dynamic previously, stating:

“So the energy we had was one of brother and sister, which was often bickering, that took the place of romantic energy.  No one noticed the difference one from the other — it worked. We didn’t have to create a different reality.”

For those slightly too young to remember her exploits in the ‘Superman’ movies, she also voiced the goddess Gaia on ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers.’  In fact, she worked steadily in film and television until her passing at the age of 69.  According to her manager, she died peacefully in her sleep.

Regarding the Earth-shattering first ‘Superman’ movie, she said:

“Nothing prepares anyone for that sudden thing of being world famous, it was such a shock.  It wasn’t something I really liked or something I was very good at. I didn’t realize how good the movie was until I seen it at the premier in Washington.”

Kidder very famously struggled with bipolar disorder, which eventually led to her becoming homeless in the mid-1990s, but her Hollywood brethren rallied to her aid and she eventually became an advocate for mental health awareness.

In a nod to her days as Lois, Kidder appeared on the series ‘Smallville’ playing Bridgette Crosby.

Her co-star, Christopher Reeve, passed in 2004 after becoming a quadriplegic due to a horse riding accident nine years earlier.  He also popped on ‘Smallville’, playing Dr. Virgil Swann.  Amy Adams currently portrays Lois in the DC Comics movies.

Do you have any fond memories of Margot Kidder in any role?  Feel free to share them in the comments section!

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R.I.P. Margot Kidder (1948 – 2018)

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