Must-visit Art Shows in Berlin this Week: Loris Gréaud to Andro Wekua

Must-visit Art Shows in Berlin this Week: Loris Gréaud to Andro Wekua
10 May

A rich lineup of events and exhibitions, featuring artists such as Andro Wekua, Loris Greaud, Pat Steir, Cecilia Edefalk and many others will be on view in Berlin next week. Blouin Artinfo creates a list of these must-visit shows for its readers.

Andro Wekua at Spruth Magers

April 28 through September 8, 2018

This new exhibition by Georgian artist Andro Wekua at Spruth Magers presents a sculpture as its centerfold, along with a group of paintings. Recalling Michelangelo’s unfinished work “Rondanini Pieta,” the nickel silver androgynous figure stands in a pool, with a futuristic black bronze Pegasus with purple wings sitting behind it. Composed of various, non-related body parts, the figure is reminiscent of Wekua’s earlier mannequin figures, as its posture probes the threshold for physical reach, the gallery says. The paintings are based on strategies of assemblage and collage as well, the gallery says, as photographs are often taken as the primary sources before going through a process of silkscreen-printing and then being transferred to aluminum-composite plates. Wekua edits and paints over these plates, constructing new contexts of meaning from the original sources.

Stanley Whitney at Galerie Nordenhake

April 28 through May 26, 2018

Mentored by the legendary Philip Guston, the New York–based artist Stanley Whitney‘s unique abstractions keep color itself as their central subject matter. “Under the influence of the New York School, he has developed a condensed practice over many decades where two fundamental categories of painting — color and form — are merged together in a in a flexible system of a loose grid where no surface area is left without paint,” the gallery says. “On square canvases he paints blocks of colors partially overlapping each other, with their horizontal bands supporting each other against the pull of gravity.” The exhibition, his third solo show with the gallery, presents a series of new paintings.

Cecilia Edefalk’s “the eight White Within angel” at carlier | gebauer

April 28 through June 2, 2018

The Swedish artist Cecilia Edefalk has her first solo show with carlier | gebauer, showcasing a selection of her painting, sculpture, and slide projection, dating back to the 1990s. One of Sweden’s most celebrated artists, Edefalk uses versions of everyday objects and treats them with various processes of duplication, scale and installation to evoke different ideas. “The works on view, despite spanning more than two decades, are not conceived as a retrospective, but rather reflects on this process she employs in her practice,” the gallery says. The show’s title refers to a series of paintings that form the core of the exhibition, which the artist began in 1997 after an encounter with the early Renaissance sculpture “The Annunciation Angel” at the San Gimignano Museum. The resultant paintings of her serial investigation of these celestial bodies are clubbed with her 2018 work “The Eight,” which will complete the series she started 20 years ago.

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Pat Steir at Galerie Thomas Sculte

April 28 through June 16, 2018

The exhibition presents the New York-based painter and printmaker Pat Steir’s third wall drawing at Galerie Thomas Schulte, “Self Portrait”; along with other paintings created since 1987. The artist is known for her specific concept-oriented painting approach that has been compared to that of Jackson Pollock. In her case, she draws on her expertise in Chinese painting traditions. On view are Steir’s large-scale works such as “Dusk,” 2007, and “The Dark,” 2007 — which are examples of her “subtle method-driven practice where she employs the process of paint-dripping to create delicate interwoven curtain-like surface textures,” the gallery says; while works such as “So Long Black, Silver and White,” 2009, and “So Long Black, Red, Yellow and Blue,” 2009, take this approach into her so-called “Split Surface Paintings.” “Self Portrait” is constructed with various facial features taken from Renaissance sample books.

“LADI ROGEURS: SIR LOUDRAGE — a Still Life” by Loris Greaud at Galerie Max Hetzler

April 27 through July 21, 2018

A continuation in form and theme from Loris Greaud‘s first solo show (“LADI ROGEURS”) at the gallery’s Paris location in February, the exhibition at Goethestraße 2/3 presents an installation by Greaud, “drawn from the codes of a still life.” The artist has transformed the entire gallery space into a kind of art experience, “encompassing organically formed sculptures hanging from the ceiling an atmosphere of defused purple light,” the gallery says. The gallery floor is crossed with “mud, sand rust, liquids and waste” collected from the site of Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 science fiction “Stalker.” Also on display will be “MACHINE” — a tree-like sculpture that appears as an autonomous entity with limbs that move beyond its control. “Systematically blurring and erasing the limits and borders between fiction and reality, Greaud’s projects create fluid, challenging and otherworldly experiences,” the gallery says.

Marwan at Gallery Michael Haas

April 27 through June 16, 2018

A cross-section of paintings by the Damascus-born artist Marwan, whose work is seen as a bridge between European and Middle Eastern traditions, is featured in this show. He is especially known for his portraits.  “With coarse brushstrokes and Impasto paint application of red-brown, ochre, grey and black nuances, he created single or double portraits that come across as flickering landscapes,” the gallery says. “Barely tangible, re-emerging at every glance and without any individual characteristics, they symbolise the constant internal and external mutability of mankind.” He studied Arabic literature before coming to Berlin in 1957 to attend the painting class of Hann Trier at the Charlottenburg Kunsthochschule. He lived and worked in Germany until he died in 2016.  His practice distinctively reflected German Expressionism as well as Sufi mysticism.

“Margiana: A Kingdom of the Bronze Age in Turkmenistan” at Neues Museum

April 25 through October 7, 2018

Margiana is a historical region in eastern Turkmenistan that was an exceptional example of Bronze Age civilization about 4,000 years ago, but remained largely unknown to the Western world, unlike the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. In January 2018, photographer Herlinde Koelbl was commissioned with the staff of the Museum of Prehistoric Archeology to photograph the archaeological sites, landscapes, people and exhibits in the ancient metropolis of Gonur Depe. The findings from these excavations along with Koelbl’s photographs are being presented for the first time outside Turkmenistan.

Important works by Mies at the Kunstgewerbemuseum

April 13 through November 30, 2018

As a part of “MIES — SITTEN UND LIEGEN” — a series of exhibitions, symposiums and events commemorating the career of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Kunstgewerbemuseum will host a show featuring a selection of seating and reclining furniture designed by the architect. The works in this exhibition are drawn from the collection of Martha Lemke.   Mies designed furniture and other items for the home of her and her husband in 1932. The couple lived in the Lemke House in Berlin-Weißensee, until 1945. The presentation includes a women’s reclining sofa, a desk chair from the study, and two different types of leather-covered wooden stools. The furniture is characterized by its reduced shape, Macassar and lemon wood and light leather upholstery. The show is accompanied by a specially created series by German art photographer Michael Wesely.

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