New book in science fiction series takes young readers to the stars

New book in science fiction series takes young readers to the stars
07 May

Local author Rob Favre is thrilled to announce the release of his

latest book, A Daring Rescue by Space Pirates, the second volume in The Oldest Earthling series.

13-year-old Tom was one of the first people to leave Earth to start a colony on a new

planet. After nearly being stabbed, starved, and frozen to death, Tom helped save the world –

or at least the colony ship – in the first volume in the series, A Long, Long Trip on the

Hope/Freedom. Now, in the eagerly anticipated sequel, Tom discovers a secret about his new

planet that might tear the colony apart, or even kill everyone. Whew. That’s heavy stuff for a

boy who just wants to impress the girl he likes.

A secret trip off-planet results in Tom getting stuck on another spaceship with a girl he

doesn’t like, and a new friend who is a little too interested in ranch dressing, where hijinks

ensue, danger abounds, and someone commits a little light space piracy.

A Daring Rescue by Space Pirates is great for young adult audiences, or for any readers

who love humor and adventure. It’s 345 pages, available on Amazon for $9.99 as a paperback

or for $2.99 on Kindle. The ISBN is 9781980722298.

Rob Favre grew up in the Midwest, but moved to South Carolina in 2008. He lives in

Mount Pleasant with his wife and two children. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees

from the University of Michigan and remains a zealous fan of the Michigan Wolverines football

team. He enjoys cooking, jogging, and watching monster movies, old and new.



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