New used book store opens near Murrells Inlet

New used book store opens near Murrells Inlet
29 Jun

A new place to buy used books opened its doors Wednesday near Murrells Inlet.

Pittsburgh natives Cortney and Eli Hornyak, who now live in Myrtle Beach, have spent two years planning to open The Bookworm used book store in the shopping center across from St. James High School.

The location has over 25,000 books, including the genres of fiction, mysteries, horror, biographies and memoirs, Christian fiction, classics, young adult, kid’s books, non-fiction, romance, science fiction and true crime.

“I have honestly been a book nerd since I was little, I’ve always loved to read. I’ve been collecting books forever,” said Cortney Hornyak, 38. “My mom’s a big reader so ever since I was little, she started teaching me to read. Ever since then it’s been nonstop.”


The Bookworm used book store opened Wednesday.

Courtesy, The Bookworm

Cortney said she and her husband Eli, 37, moved to Myrtle Beach in 2010 and married in 2012. They started out working in the service industry, but have worked in the North Dakota oil fields on and off for the past four years.

But two years, ago, Cortney suggested they open a book store.

“I said on a whim, we should open a book store and it kind of went from there,” Cortney said.

The couple started by purchasing 10,000 books from a Florence book store that closed, Cortney said. They collected the rest from garage sales, Goodwills, and even leftover books from Pittsburgh-area library sales.

“We’ve been slowly collecting books and piling them up in our garage,” she said.

The number of customers the store had on its grand opening Wednesday has made Cortney sure they made the right decision to open the store.

“I’ve been really surprised at how many kids have come in already and they’re really proud of themselves because they’re reading chapter books,” she said. “The people that have been coming in are so excited to have us here, it’s made me 100 percent sure that we made the right decision to do this.”



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