Pieces Of Junk: ‘Solo’s’ Millennium Falcon Retcon Confirmed by Official ‘Star Wars’ Twitter Account

Pieces Of Junk: ‘Solo’s’ Millennium Falcon Retcon Confirmed by Official ‘Star Wars’ Twitter Account
07 Jun

Millennium Falcon

WARNING! Spoilers ahead for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story!’ Turn back now if you haven’t seen it yet!




Alright, so for those who have seen the movie and discussed and read online about some of its more controversial points, you probably already know what this article is going to be about. Yep, this is all about L3-37 (voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the film) who “died” while the team was escaping from Kessel and had her memory systems uploaded into the Millennium Falcon to help Han and Chewie navigate through the Maw so Han could make that famous “Kessel Run” he boasts about in ‘A New Hope.’ Recently, the Star Wars Twitter account posted a message that confirmed that L3 is indeed a part of the Falcon, and still seems to be somewhat sentient, as they harken back to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ where C-3po had commented that the Falcon had a very peculiar dialect. Check out the post for yourself below, which also includes “L3″ as part of the name ‘Millennium Falcon.”

For a lot of fans, the whole thing is a horrifying concept, as they saw L3-37 as a droid’s rights activist fighting for the freedom of her people and to end her life removed from a physical body and trapped within the Falcon’s computer systems so they can take advantage of her navigational strengths seems a bit like droid slavery, especially when one considers that she gets no choice in any adventure they partake in and basically has to sit back and take orders from whoever is driving the ship, unable to communicate to anyone but her fellow droids. Of course, some have said this may shed light on why the Falcon is so temperamental, as though that is L3 asserting her dominance and attempting to force Han and Chewie down paths that she deems more beneficial (i.e. when the hyperdrive does not work in ‘Empire’ and they are forced to go to Cloud City to see Lando, an idea planted in Han’s head while he scans the ship’s navigation systems). But that might be a bit of a stretch.

Some fans have dismissed the whole controversy, though, stating that L3 was nothing more than a robot with no real self-awareness and her addition to the Falcon’s computers is akin to donating an organ,and does not mean she is mentally still present in the ship. No matter what, it does add a whole lot of history and mystery to the iconic ship, and makes you think twice about all the abuse the Falcon goes through over the years.

What are your thoughts on L3 being part of the ship? Does it bother you? Do you believe she is still alive in there? Share your opinions in the comments below!



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