Sci-fi convention: A new hope for Star Wars fans

Sci-fi convention: A new hope for Star Wars fans
05 May

Over the weekend of 22 to 24 June the event, called Galaxy: A Sci-Fi Celebration, is to be held in the exhibition centre in the Radisson Blu Hotel. A number of shows will also take place at the Jersey Opera House over the same weekend.

Those who go will get to meet four of the actors who starred in the original three films: Paul Blake, who played Greedo the bounty hunter in A New Hope, Richard Oldfield, who played Hobbie in The Empire Strikes Back, as well as Tim Rose, who played Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi, and Femi Taylor, who played Oola in the same film.

The event, which is not exclusively a Star Wars event, will also have a collection of various props, life-size models and memorabilia from different science fiction films – including the iconic bicycle from E.T, which is being transported to Jersey especially for the event along with a backdrop to recreate the famous night-sky bike-riding scene.

Michael Lopes, the managing director of Prestige! Jersey, which is organising the event, said: ‘I’ve been working on putting this together for the last two years. Depending on how this event goes I am planning to organise a fantasy event, focusing on movies like Harry Potter, either this year or next.’

In addition, a number of classic sci-fi films will be screened at the Jersey Opera House. Several entertainment acts, including the Jersey Premier Brass and Britain’s Got Talent finalists Boogie Storm, are also due to perform at the Opera House.

For more information about tickets, call the Jersey Opera House on 511115.



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