‘Shadowhunters’ Takes Manhattan: Fans Will Air An Ad In Times Square In Hopes Of Finding A New Home

‘Shadowhunters’ Takes Manhattan: Fans Will Air An Ad In Times Square In Hopes Of Finding A New Home
28 Jun


‘Shadowhunters’ fans continue their hunt for a haven for the supernatural angels-vs.-demons series that Freeform cancelled after three seasons, when producers Constantin Films lost a financial deal with Netflix.  Without the funding from Netflix, Freeform and Constantin could not afford to keep the expensive fantasy series going.  The series was not a huge smash for Freeform, but it did average a decent 500,000 live views.

But fans haven’t given up hope and have collected well over 100,000 signatures and raised over $20,000 for charity. Last week, fans paid  to have a plane fly over Netflix headquarters, trailing a sign that read “Save Shadowhunters.”  Fans of ‘The Expanse’ did the same, buzzing Amazon headquarters, which helped that service finalize plans to resuscitate the science fiction series after Syfy axed it.

‘Shadowhunters’ fans are at it again, as this Friday, June 29, they will air a five-minute commercial in Times Square in downtown New York City.  The ad will air at 3pm on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, facing east.  The ad is what is described as a “roadblock billboard,” although it doesn’t literally block traffic, but is very large and eye catching and may cause some to stop in their tracks to watch it.

In the US, ‘Shadowhunters’ is available to stream on Hulu.  Elsewhere, it is available on Netflix, but it is not on Netflix in the US at all.  It is also available on the Freeform app for free and individual episodes are available to purchase via iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play and Youtube.

There are still ten episodes left unaired.  When Freeform decided to cancel the series, the final ten episodes were pushed back from this summer to spring of 2019, with plans to film a two-hour series finale movie to cap things off.

Within the last few months, not only did Amazon choose to salvage Syfy’s cancelled ‘The Expanse’, but Netflix picked up FOX’s ‘Lucifer’ as well.  Both are expensive-to-produce genre shows that didn’t generate high enough ratings for their starter networks.  But the streaming services saw their potential– and the massive love and support that their fans showered upon them– and took a chance on rescuing them.  Hopefully the same will happen for ‘Shadowhunters’.

To sign the petition, click here.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the Trevor Project, on behalf of ‘Shadowhunters’, click here.

And if you are in downtown Manhattan this Friday, make sure you’re in the right place at 3pm EST!

Source: Digital Spy

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