Sonequa Martin-Green Talks Deeper ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ S2: Tig Notaro Struggles With Technobabble

Sonequa Martin-Green Talks Deeper ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ S2: Tig Notaro Struggles With Technobabble
08 Jun

There have been a few interviews with the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery in the last couple of days, so we gathered together clips and highlights to keep you up to speed, along with some more Disco Bits from around the web.

Tig doesn’t understand her technobabble, reveals some character details

Comedian and actress Tig Notaro was a guest on Tuesday night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she shared some classic Trek technobabble about “subspace particles wrapped in a tachyon field of good vibes.” Notaro, who will be playing the chief engineer of the USS Hiawatha in the second season of Discovery, admitted to Colbert, “I have no idea what I am saying on that show.”

The actress did reveal a couple of details about her character, notably that she has the rank of Commander and that her name is Jet Reno, and not the previously reported Denise Reno. Notaro said she had the opportunity to chose the name herself.

For his part, Colbert talked talked jealously about how he very much wanted a chance to appear in Discovery.

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Martin-Green says season two goes bolder and deeper

Entertainment Tonight has deemed Sonequa Martin-Green’s performance in Star Trek: Discovery as a standout for this year’s Emmy voters to consider. In an interview with ET, the actress didn’t give any specifics about the second season, but noted how there is a new confidence:

With season one now behind them, a calm has taken over her and the Discovery team. “We’re just as excited [as we were for season one], but there is a blanket of peace in this sense of preparedness because we’re familiar with it and because we have our experiential knowledge from last year. Now, we have a little bit more hold on what it is that we’re doing, the universe we’re in, the story that we’re telling, the roles that each of us have within the story. We’re hopefully very boldly, if I may say, going higher and deeper.”

The actress is also featured in the latest issue of Emmy Magazine, where she talks about how she binged as much Star Trek as she could before starting work on Discovery:

Her Star Trek binge gave her a greater appreciation of the franchise. “There are these moments where you zoom out and say, ‘What am I becoming a part of?’” she says. In this prequel to the original series, her character was born human but raised as a Vulcan by the parents of her foster brother, Spock. “The first time I did the Vulcan salute and approached my station on the bridge, I was filled to the brim with honor.”

Sonequa Martin-Green at CBS Upfront event on  May 16 at Carnegie Hall

Composer says more swashbuckling in season 2

Discovery composer Jeff Russo was a guest on the Ultimate Score Podcast this week and he talked a bit about his approach to scoring Trek. Regarding the second season, Russo said he expects “more of the swashbuckling stuff I did in season one,” and added, “We use that word a lot.”

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Cruz says they were worried people would stop watching after Culber’s death

When Dr. Culber, played by Wilson Cruz, was killed off last season, producers for the show made it clear that same night via various interviews that the character was going to come back. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Cruz talks about how the need to counter any narrative the show had fallen into the “bury your gays” trope motivated the push for breaking the usual wall of secrecy about future story lines.

Cruz noted, “We all knew pretty early on that this was just the beginning of the story and we didn’t want people to be worried or stop watching.” As for how Culber will return in the second season, the actor remained mum.

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On the subject of Culmets, Discovery actors Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp attended a Pride Month event in Los Angeles held by LA Confidential Magazine, which featured portraits of a number of LGBT Angelinos. Cruz tweeted out a fun photo of the pair in front of a collage featuring both actors, with the hashtag #spaceboos.

By the way, you may have noticed that Cruz is growing out his beard. As it has been confirmed that his Dr. Culber is returning for the second season of Discovery, it could signify that his trip into the mycelial network created some fungal-fueled facial hair.

BTS Tweet of the week: Editor nerds out with Number One

Discovery editor Scott Gamzon takes us inside the editing room with Jonathan Frakes, who directed episode 2 of the second season.

Fan art of the week: Voq Fandango

Actor Shazad Latif shared fan art from Robin Careless which is quite funny if you are also a fan of Latif’s other show, Toast of London.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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