Sorry Superman Fans, DC’s ‘Metropolis’ Is Going Back To The Drawing Board

Sorry Superman Fans, DC’s ‘Metropolis’ Is Going Back To The Drawing Board
09 May


DC was looking to recapture the success of ‘Gotham‘ with a new series called ‘Metropolis,’ but it seems as if the series has hit a few snags and is going back to the drawing board. This live-action series was meant to be one of the debut shows for the upcoming streaming service DC Universe, but when it wasn’t announced with the initial slate of new shows, we knew something had happened. It looks like retooling was in order as what has been presented so far hasn’t been up to their standard.

Of course, with so many people down on Syfy’s ‘Krypton,’ which is another live-action Superman prequel series, it seems that they’d need to take things in a different direction.

As cast and crew haven’t been announced at this point, details have been scarce so it is hard to say what aspects the studio is looking to have changed. ‘Metropolis’ had received a straight-to-series order for DC Universe, so it is interesting that the streaming service is already back peddling on it.

Likely, the series will still have a first season comprised of 13-episodes, but beyond that, there isn’t much known. It was set to take place in Superman’s home city before his arrival and would have focused on both Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. There would be an early setup of some of Clark Kent’s friends and Superman’s enemies sprinkled throughout the show, but as Lane is usually introduced as already being a prominent reporter, we’d likely be seeing some of her early scoops here.

A new timeline for the show’s release has yet to be announced.

Are you worried that ‘Metropolis’ will suffer from this delay or are they making the right choice by addressing any problems in pre-production? Who would you like to see play a younger Lois Lane and Lex Luthor? Which of Superman’s villains would be ripe for showing up in the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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