‘Star Trek’ musical parody finds inspiration in Mozart

‘Star Trek’ musical parody finds inspiration in Mozart
31 May

Stardate 2018.5 Captain’s log: Lt. Constanze has been kidnapped by the Klingons. I am disguising myself as a mechanic and beaming down to the dastardly aliens’ home planet. What perils I will face are unknown. But I expect I will break into song.

That could be the latest log entry for Capt. James T. Kirk, er, Belmonte — the hero of “Star Trek Abduction,” a musical parody of the cult TV and movie series. Opera Orlando will present two productions of the sci-fi send-up, accompanied by the Orlando Philharmonic, starting May 31.

Don’t let the presenter give you pause: “You don’t need to know anything about opera to be entertained by this,” says Grant Preisser, the company’s production manager.

Opera Orlando is involved because the comedic work is based on Mozart’s “The Abduction from the Seraglio,” a 1782 masterpiece about two European women who are kidnapped by the Turks — “Seraglio” is the place where a Turkish sultan kept his harem.



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