STLV18: IDW Announces Return Of ‘Star Trek: Waypoint,’ Including Story From Spot’s POV

STLV18: IDW Announces Return Of ‘Star Trek: Waypoint,’ Including Story From Spot’s POV
09 Aug

IDW Publishing was represented at a number of panels during Star Trek Las Vegas, including on focusing on prolific writer  Mike Johnson, another highlighted the talents of artist JK Woodward, as well as a main IDW Star Trek comics panel. Much of the discussion focoused in work from the last year, but there was some news shed on upcoming Star Trek comics as well.

IDW editor Denton Tipton, artist JK Woodward, writer Mike Johnson, editor Chase Marotz

Waypoint is coming back

At the main IDW panel new group editor Denton Tipton (no relation to Scott and David Tipton) announced the return of a recent popular series. Following a successful 5-issue run of Star Trek: Waypoint, IDW revealed it’s coming back with an extra-length one-shot issue in November. Waypoint, the brain child of former IDW Star Trek editor Sarah Gaydos, is described as a way to feature new voices and artists and to tell offbeat stories all across the Trek universe.

This new one-off issue of Waypoint  coming in November will not only feature short stories from the breadth of Trek history, but will also include a special story done from Spot’s perspective. Yes, that Spot, Data’s cat from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

They also revealed a new gorgeous cover by Josh Hood and colors by David Garcia Cruz, which IDW has also provided us. The cover also feature’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Ezri Dax, and Kirk and Spock from the original Star Trek.

Cover for Star Trek: Waypoint special issue coming in November

Going Back to Picard’s Roots – Literally

Obviously the huge news coming out of Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 was, of course, the return of Jean-Luc Picard in a new TV series on CBS All Access. But flying under the radar was IDW’s announcement that we may be seeing another Picard-centric series – this time in the pages of its comics. However, instead of a post-Nemesis story, IDW is going back to Picard’s roots – literally – with a story when he had hair.

Tipton told the crowd:

“We may be doing something in the near future that’s set in the past of the future…so we may be getting Picard with some hair.”

Slide shown at STLV teasing early Picard comic

L’Rell The Riveter

There were no other new titles announced or teased like Waypoint and the Picard series, however both Mike Johnson and JK Woodward lamented how they have yet to work together as Woodward has primarily been partnering with the Tipton brothers while Johnson has been paired with Tony Shasteen (among others). But a pairing of the two might not be far off, possibly for a future Star Trek: Discovery title.

Woodward already has a head start with two original prints he showed off featuring L’Rell as Rosie the Riveter and Captain Killy. Johnson also indicated that there will likely be another Star Trek: Discovery annual issue next year, which would, like the one with Stamets this year, look at another character’s back story.

Below you can see artist JK Woodward sharing some of the Discovery art he has done on his own, showing he is ready to jump into that series.

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