The Best Movie To Watch On Netflix Now, By Zodiac Sign

The Best Movie To Watch On Netflix Now, By Zodiac Sign
15 May

Ever wonder what Netflix movies your zodiac sign likes? Check it out!

What type of activities does your zodiac sign enjoying doing? If you don’t know, then ask yourself how do you spend your time when you need to decompress? Do you read books, play video games, take a nap or is it with “Netflix and chill” (the literal one, not the pop culture one)?

Even though it’s 2018 with all of this technology around us, TV has consistently remained the most common leisure activity in America. On average Americans spend 156 minutes a week watching TV, with socializing and communicating as a not close second with 35 minutes per week. Now granted this 156 minutes is most likely including Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, etc. because you can watch those all on TV (especially if you have a smart TV).

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With that being said, what do you like to watch on Netflix? There are so many genres out there. It depends on whether you want to see someone walking away like there’s not a car and house getting blown to pieces behind them, or a couple ending up together after a series of situations that would lead us to believe they would never be together, or a drama about one of the most memorable times in American history.

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