Xenomorphs Will Return In 6 Short ‘Alien’ Movies

Xenomorphs Will Return In 6 Short ‘Alien’ Movies
27 Jul


We have no real updates as to if there will be a continuation of Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant’ but we have learned that Xenomorphs are set to return, in a small way. The ‘Alien‘ franchise is about to get some fresh blood injected into it by allowing a series of short films to be released.

The films were the winners of a 20th Century FOX contest for fans to submit their own ‘Alien’ short film set in the aftermath of the original film. Of the 550 that were entered, six were chosen to see the light of day.

The announcement came from the ‘Alien’ twitter account which can be seen here:

As the video shows, we’ll see more details arriving at the Alien Universe site as they become available. At the time of this posting, there are no further details included or even a post or section dedicated to these new short films.

With Ridley Scott’s return to the ‘Alien’ franchise, we’ve seen special effects on the rise and these short films will likely signal a return to the more classic practical effects which the franchise was once known for. Either way, it should be a refreshing take on the beloved space monsters which have been sidelined in the last two outings in the franchise.

Are you excited for six new short films to be made and help evolve the ‘Alien’ franchise? Will any of these shorts feature aliens fighting space marines? Do you think this could mean that Fox is preparing to shift the direction of the future of the franchise away from Scott’s current vision? Share your thoughts below!

Stuart Conover

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