You won’t believe what Sonam Kapoor is going to gift Anand Ahuja on their wedding day – watch video

You won’t believe what Sonam Kapoor is going to gift Anand Ahuja on their wedding day – watch video
05 May

With just 3 days to go for Sonam Kapoor’s wedding, the bride-to-be is all set to live her dream with the love of her life Anand Ahuja. If you checked out her recent pictures with Anand from Mumbai then you would know how happy she looks with him. “I believe love changes people” said Sonam in one of her interviews and we feel it totally holds true in Sonam’s case. The smile on her face says it all. But who knew Sonam had planned her wedding gift to her husband-to-be even before she met Anand. Yes, we found this Simi Garewal interview from 2012 featuring Sonam Kapoor where the actress has mentioned about her wedding gift to her future husband. ALSO READ: Will Sonam Kapoor walk the Cannes red carpet with beau Anand Ahuja this year? Here’s the truth

“I have written quite a few poems but there was this one poem that I wrote when I was around 16 years old. It is called Ambition. I had promised myself that as soon as I find the person that I’m going to be with, I’m going to give him that poem. The day I get married, the poem will be with that man and I’ll say that this is what I want my life to be like and hopefully, we can work together towards this”, ” said Sonam proving how she has always been clear about what she wants in life after marriage!

Sonam Kapoor reveals her wedding gift to Anand Ahuja (Watch from 9:35 secs)

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That way, SSonam never had a long list of qualities that she expected in her guy. When the actress was asked how would someone win her heart, she had once said, “I am an old world romantic. A man just needs to be kind-hearted and ambitious. That’s the deadly combination for me. I’ve realised that the two don’t go hand-in-hand. Either you’re very ambitious and that makes you unkind and hard. But I think when you have that combination, you’ll win my heart for sure.” Guess Mr Ahuja is the best of both and Mr Perfect for Sonam! We can’t wait to see the two get married, how about you?



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